U.S. Economic Leaders

Astor, John Jacob of NY, 1763-1848 (Merchant for China Trade/Fur Trader/NYC Real Estate)
Bell III, Alexander Graham of MA, 1847-1922 (inventor of the Telephone, co-founder, Bell Telephone Co.)
Biddle, Nicholas of PA, 1786-1844 (Banker; Director of 2d Bank of US)
Bush, Vannevar of MA (inventor of S-tube gaseous rectifier; scientific advisor to US Presidents)
Candler, Asa Griggs of GA, 1851-1929 (founder/president, Coca-Cola Co.)
Carnegie, Andrew of PA, 1835-1919 (founder, Carnegie Steel)
Carter I, Robert “King” Carter of VA, 1663-1732 (Planter/slave-owner with 300,000 acres)
Carver, George Washington of AL (inventor of products from peanuts & other crops)
Colt, Samuel of RI (firearm inventor/manufactuer)
Cooper, Peter of NY (inventor of steam locomotive/cloth, glue, & iron manufacturer)
Cox I, James Middleton, 1870-1957 (founder of newspaper/radio chair; what became Cox Communications)
Curtiss, Glenn of NY (aeroplane designer/manufacturer)
De Forest, Lee of IA (inventor of audion radio tube and Phonofilm; radio broadcasts)
Deere, John of IL (inventor/manufacturer of steel plow)
Du Pont, Eleuthere Irenee of DE, 1771-1834 (founder E.I. Du Pont de Nemours Co.)
Eastman II, George of NY (inventor/manufacturer of roll film, Kodak & Brownie cameras)
Edison, Thomas Alva of NJ/OH, 1847-1931 (Inventor/founder, Edison Electric Co., later part of GE)
Field, Cyrus West of NY, 1819-92 (president, Atlantic Telegraph; first trans-Atlantic telegraph)
Field, Marshall of MA/IL/NY, 1835-1906 (founder, Marshall Field department store chain)
Ford, Henry of MI, 1863-1947 (founder/president, Ford Motor Co.)
Franklin, Benjamin of PA, 1706-1790 (Printer/Publisher/Postmaster/Inventor/Diplomat)
Fulton, Robert of NY (inventor of submarine & steamboat)
Gates IV, William Henry “Bill” of WA, 1955- (co-founder/CEO, Microsoft Corporation)
Gillett, King Camp of IL, 1855-1932 (founder Gillett Safety Razor Co.)
Goodyear, Charles Nelson of CT (inventor of vulcanized rubber)
Guggenheim, Meyer of PA, 1828-1905 & sons of NY/CO (smelting & refining; Guggenheim Museum)
Hamilton, Alexander John of NY, 1755-1804, (1st US Secretary of Treasury)
Heinz, Henry John of PA, 1844-1919 (tomato ketchup maker; founder F&J Heinz Co.)
Hilton, Conrad Nicholas of NM, 1887-1979 (founder/president, Hilton Hotels Co.)
Huntington, Colis Potter of CT, 1821-1900 (promoter of Central Pacific RR; founder of Newport News, Virginia)
Johnson II, Edward Crosby of MA, 1930- (founder/CEO, Fidelity Investments/FMR Corp.)
Kellogg, John Harvey of MI, 1852-1943 (inventor Corn Flakes) & brother Will Keith Kellogg of MI, 1860-1951 (founder Kellogg Co.)
Land, Edwin Herbert of CT (inventor/manufacturer of Polaroid film, Land Instant Camera, many optics advances)
Lowell, Francis Cabot of MA, 1775-1817 (Cotton Manufacturer)
Luce II, Henry Robinson of CT, 1898-1967 (publisher of Time, Fortune, Life, & Sports Illustrated magazines)
McCormick II, Cyrus Hall of IL, 1809-84 (inventor of mechanical reaper; founder, McCormick Harvester Co., became International Harvester)
Merrill II, Charles Edward of NY, 1885-1956 (financier/founded Merrill Lynch)
Morgan I, John Pierpont of NY, 1837-1913 (Financier; promoter of monopolies, including US Steel)
Morse, Samuel Finley Breese of NY (inventor of wireless telegraph)
Otis, Elisha Graves of MA, 1811-61 (inventor of elevator brake; founder, Otis Elevator Co.)
Pullman, George Mortimer of IL (inventor/manufacturer of Pullman Sleeper RR Cars)
Read, Nathan of MA (inventor of high-pressure steam engine, chain-wheel of steamboat paddle wheel, etc.)
Rockefeller I, John Davison of NY/OH, 1839-1947 (founder of Standard Oil Co.)
Salk, Jonas Edward of NY (discovered polo vaccine)
Slater, Samuel of MA/RI, 1768-1835 (Inventor/Father of Industrial Revolution in America)
Taylor, Frederick Winslow of PA (applied scientific management principles and system to factory floors)
Vanderbilt, Cornelius of NY, 1794-1877 (Shipping/New York Central RR)
Walton, Samuel Moore “Sam” of AR, 1918-92 (founder, WalMart Corp.)
Ward, Aaron Montgomery of IL, 1843-1913 (Montgomery Ward & Co.; mail order catalogue)
Westinghouse II, George of NY/PA (inventor of RR air brake; manufacturer of alternating current power systems)
Wharton, Joseph of PA, 1826-1909 (Merchant/Manufacturer; Founder Wharton School of Business)
Whitney II, Eli of NY, 1765-1825 (inventor of cotton gin/rifle manufacturer)
Wright, Orville & Wilbur of OH (inventors/manufacturers of first successful aeroplanes)