U.S. Explorers

Aldrin II, Edward Eugene "Buzz" of NJ 1930- (astronaut/1st Moon mission)
Andrews, Roy Chapman of WI 1884-1960 (East Indies/Artic/Yunnan province China/Gobi Desert of Mongolia)
Armstrong, Neil Alden of OH 1930-2012 (astronaut/1st Moon mission)
Boone, Daniel of KY 1734-1820 (Kentucky wilderness)
Byrd II, Richard Evelyn of VA 1888-1957 (North Pole/Artic)
Clark, William of MO 1770-1838 (Louisiana Purchase Territory)
Cook, Frederick Albert of NY 1865-1940 (claimed climbed Mount McKinley & reached North Pole)
Fanning, Edmund of CT 1769-1841 (Pacific South Seas)
Fremont, John Charles of CA 1813-90 (Oregon Trail/Sierra Nevada)
Herndon, William Lewis of VA 1813-57 (Amazon)
Kennan, George of OH 1845-1924 (Russian wilderness)
Ledyard III, John of CT 1751-89 (3rd Captain Cook expedition England to California/Russia St. Petersburg to Siberia)
Lewis, Francis Meriwether of MO 1774-1809 (Louisiana Purchase Territory)
Mohun II, Richard Dorsey of MD 1865-1915 (Congo/southern Africa)
Peary, Robert Edwin of ME 1856-1920 (Artic)
Pike II, Zebulon of NJ 1778-1813 (southern Louisiana Purchase Territory)
Pond II, Peter of CT 1740-1807 (western Canada)
Stephens, John Lloyd of NY 1805-52 (Middle East/Mayan Empire of Central America)
Warner, Langdon of MA 1881-1955 (Russian Turkestan/Japan/China Silk Road)