U.S. Labor Leaders

Anderson, Mary of IL 1872-1964 (National Women's Trade Union League)
Bates, Leon E. of MI 1899-1972 (United Auto Workers)
Bridges II, Alfred Renton Bryant "Harry" of CA 1901-1990 (International Longshoreman's & Warehousemen's Union)
Chavez, Cesar Estrada of CA 1927-1993 (United Farm Workers)
Gompers I, Samuel of NY 1850-1924 (American Federation of Labor)
Haywood II, William Dudley of UT 18691-1928 (International Workers of the World)
Hoffa II, James Riddle of MI 1913-75 (International Brotherhood of Teamsters)
Kirkland, Joseph Lane of SC 1922-1999 (American Federal of Labor-Congress of Industrial Workers)
Lewis, John Llewellyn of IA 1880-1969 (United Mine Workers)
Meaney, William George of NY 1894-1980 (American Federal of Labor-Congress of Industrial Workers)
Mitchell, John of IL 1870-1919 (United Mine Workers)
Powderly II, Terence Vincent of PA 1849-1924 (Knights of Labor)
Quill, Michael Joseph of NY (1905-1966) (Transport Workers Union)
Randolph, Asa Philip of FL 1889-1979 (Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters/AFL-CIO)
Reuther, Walter Philip of MI 1907-1970 (United Auto Workers)
Schneiderman, Rose of NY 1882-1972 (Women's Trade Union League)
Shanker, Albert of NY 1928-97 (American Federation of Teachers)
Sweeney II, John Joseph of NY 1934- (Service Employees International Union)
Wilson, William Bauchop of PA 1862-1934 (United Mine Workers)
Woodcock, Leonard Freel of RI 1911-2001 (United Auto Workers)