U.S. Literary Figures

Adams, Henry of MA (historian/journalist/novelist)
Beecher (Stowe), Harriet of CT (novelist)
Bryant, William Cullen of MA (poet/journalist)
Clemens, Samuel Langhorne, a.k.a. Mark Twain, of VA(journalist/correspondent/novelist)
Cooper, James Fenimore of NY (novelist)
Dickinson, Emily of MA (poet)
Emerson, Ralph Waldo of MA (essayist/poet/orator)
Frost, Robert Lee of MA (poet/playwright) Williams, Thomas Lanier "Tennessee" of TN (playwright)
Grant, (Hiram Ulysses) Ulysses Simpson of OH (general/historian)
Hawthorne, Nathaniel of MA (novelist)
Irving, Washington of NY (diplomat/novelist)
Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth of ME (poet)
Lowell, James Russell of MA (journalist/poet)
Melville, Herman of NY (novelist)
Paine, Thomas of PA (journalist/political pamphleteer)
Poe, Edgar Allan of MD (journalist/novelist)
Sanburg, Carl August of IL (journalist/poet/biographer)
Sinclair II, Upton Beall of CA (novelist)
Thoreau, Henry David of MA (poet)
Whitman II, Walter of NY (poet)