U.S. Scientists

Borlaug, Norman Ernest of IA 1914-2009 (plant pathologist & genetics)
Compton, Arthur Holly of OH 1892-1962 (physicist/Compton Effect)
Delbruck, Max Ludwick Henning of CA 1906-1981 (theoretical physicist)
Einstein, Albert of NJ 1879-1955 (theoretical physicist)
Fermi, Enrico of IL 1901-1965 (physicist/nuclear reactor)
Feynman, Richard Phillips of NY 1918-1988 (physicist/quantum electrodynamics)
Goddard, Robert Hutchings of MA 1882-1945 (physicist/rocketry)
Goeppert, Maria Gertrude Kate of CA 1906-1972 (theoretical physicist)
Hubble, Edwin Powell of CA 1889-1953 (astronomer)
Lawrence, Ernest Orlando of SD 1901-1958 (physicist/cyclotron)
McClintock, Barbara of CT 1902-1992 (botanist/mobile genetic elements)
Michelson, Albert Abraham of IL 1852-1931 (physicist/measurement of speed of light)
Oppenheimer II, Julius Robert of NY 1902-1967 (theoretical physicist/Manhattan Project)
Pauling, Linus Carl of CA 1901-1994 (chemist/X-Ray crystallography)
Sagan, Carl Edward of NY 1934-1996 (astronomer/astro-physicist)
Salk, Jonas Edward of NY 1914-1995 (medical research/Salk vaccine for Polio)
Taussig, Helen Brooke of MA 1898-1986 (pediatric cardiologist)
Teller, Edward of CA 1908-2003 (physicist/nuclear weapons)
Von Braun, Wernher Magnus Maximilian of AL 1912-1977 (physicist/ballistic missiles)
Watson II, James Dewey of IL 1928- (zoologist/geneticist)