U.S. Women Rights Leaders

Addams, Jane of IL (social activist; founder of Hull House)
Anthony, Susan Brownell of RI (president, North American Woman Suffrage Association)
Blackwell, Elizabeth of NY (1st female physician with degree)
Brown (Blackwell), Antoinette Louisa of NY (1st woman ordained minister by mainstream church)
Burns, Lucy of NY (co-founder, National Women’s Party)
Cady (Stanton), Elizabeth Smith of NY (founder/president, National Women Suffrage Association)
Claflin (Woodhull) (Blood) (Martin), Victoria California of MA (founder, National Womans Suffrage Association)
Coffin (Mott), Lucretia of MA (organizer of 1st women’s rights convention at Seneca Falls, 1848)
Fuller (Ossoli), Sarah Margaret of MA (author of Women in the Nineteenth Century)
Goldstein (Friedan), Bettye Naomi of IL (founder, National Organization of Women)
Grimke, Angelina Emily of SC (co-founder, Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society)
Hart (Willard) (Yates), Emma Hinsdale of CT (founder of Troy Female Seminary)
Jenks (Bloomer), Amelia of NY (1st woman to own/operate/edit a newspaper for women; The Lily)
Lane (Chapman) (Catt), Carrie of IA (president, North American Woman Suffrage Association)
Lyon, Mary of MA (founder of Holyoke College)
Moore (Gloyd) (Nation), Caroline Amelia "Carrie" of KS/KY (Temperance Leader)
Norton (Bush), Abigail of NY (president of Adjourned Women's Rights Convention at Rochester NY, 1848)
Paul, Alice Stokes of NJ (organizer of suffragette marches; co-founder, National Women’s Party)
Shaw (Lowell), Josephine of MA (founder, NY Consumers League)
Shaw, Anna Howard of MI (president, North American Woman Suffrage Association)
St. Pierre (Ruffin), Josephine of MA (founder, National Federation of Afro-American Women)
Stanton (Blatch), Harriet of RI (daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and founder of Equality League of Self-Supporting Women; president of the Women's Political Union)
Stone (Blackwell), Lucy of MA (publisher of Women’s Journal; co-founder American Woman Suffrage Association) & daughter Alice Stone Blackwell
Ward (Howe), Julia of MA (co-founder/president, American Woman Suffrage Association)
Willard, Frances Elizabeth Caroline of NY (co-founder/president, Women's Christian Temperance Union)